Mission Statement


Motivated by compassion (karuna) in action, we believe that no one should be denied access to basic education, social services, or health care. We believe that communities can be lifted out of poverty, that change is possible, that people are valuable.


Karuna-Shechen’s mission is to provide quality healthcare, education, and social services to individuals and families in the poorest communities in Tibet, Nepal, and India. We place special emphasis on the empowerment of women and young girls and the preservation of cultural heritage.


Compassion in Action: We serve others with joy and determination by cultivating altruism in our hearts and actions.

Collaboration: We work with local partners to pursue our mission with excellence and integrity.

Respect: We believe that every individual, regardless of race, gender, class, or caste, is important. We respect our beneficiaries and work with them to find ong-term and sustainable solutions to their needs.