Karuna-Shechen provides medical services and health education to individuals and families through clinics, and mobile outreach programs The people we serve live in remote nomad regions of Eastern Tibet, the outskirts and slums of Kathmandu, and in rural villages in India and Nepal. All of them belong to communities in great need of services.

“If humanitarian organizations developed more preventative health initiatives, there would be 30% less disease.” (WHO)

Health Projects

Banner Women Health

Women’s Health in India

  In India, women and girls make-up 70% of all our health care patients. We pay particular attention to…

Health Care Services in Tibet

Karuna-Shechen has built and/or supports numerous clinics in Eastern Tibet that provide allopathic and Tibetan medicine. We also fund…

Medical Services India

Health Care Services in India

  In India, Shechen Medical Center, Mobile Clinics and Camps provide medical care for over 48,000 people a year.…

Banners MedServices NEpal

Health Care Services in Nepal

  In Nepal, Karuna-Shechen is creating sustainable ways to provide fundamental medical services to the under-served through the Shechen…

POP prevention banner

Uterine Prolapse Prevention in Nepal

  Over 10% of Nepali women suffer from Uterine Prolapse, or Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP), a condition with serious…