June 25 2014

banner tarek JHK

Expansion into Jharkhand, by Tarek Toubale

In India, Karuna-Shechen has operated as a humanitarian agency in the state of Bihar for the last twelve years. At the end of 2013, it was decided to expand our activities into other regions of India ...

June 16 2014

steve banner

An Altruistic Triathlete

In a few days, Steve Stievenart will be the first Frenchman to participate in the “Arch to Arc” triathlon. He will run, swim and cycle the 475 km between London and Paris to raise public aware...

June 10 2014

enfants banner

Providing Quality Education for All

Sarita, 10 year old, loves going to school. She attends grade 3 at Pancha Kanya Primary, a small government-funded community school located in a remote region of the Kavre district, Nepal. Two ...

May 28 2014

Banner Women Health

Breaking Taboos about Women’s Health

The first Global Menstrual Hygiene Day is being celebrated today around the world. The objective is to break the silence around menstruation and raise awareness about the fundamental role that menstru...

May 20 2014

banner POP 4

Screening camps in Dhanusha

Amina suffered for 30 years from uterine prolapse, a condition in which the womb drops into the vagina and, in severe cases, slides out of the body. The story of Amina Khatum is one shared by man...

May 19 2014

Malles de jeux vanner

Bringing Toys to the Children of Bihar

In the poor rural villages in India, most children do not have access to games or toys. Their toys are tree branches, stones, and whatever they find in the road. Play has been proven to be an importan...

May 13 2014

Banner Emergency Response

Training to Save Lives

Ambulance sirens fill the air, stretchers with injured on the ground, young monks with splints and bandages, CPR given to infants: This dramatic scene could be in the future of Nepal, but in this ...

May 5 2014

banner annual Report

Read Our 2013 Annual Report

Our  2013 Annual Report is now available. Please download and read to learn more about our 2013 achievements. Foreword by our founder, Matthieu Ricard: " The year 2013 was one of many challenges...

May 4 2014

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Schoolchildren Raise Funds for Kids in India

On May 1st, our British funding partner, the Shining Hope Foundation  (SHF), organized an awareness and fundraising event in Luxemburg, at The International School of Luxembourg  (ISL) during th...

May 2 2014

banner solar gradma video

News from our Solar Grandmothers in India

Our newly qualified Indian solar engineers have recently returned from the Barefoot College training course and are already installing electricity in the remote village of Bhupnagar, India, (popul...